proficio by antinori napa valley

A Quest for Excellence on Atlas Peak

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The name ‘Proficio’ (pro-FEE-cho) is an homage to the ancient Antinori family motto “Te Duce Proficio”, which translates to “Following your guide, I flourish.”

This phrase signifies the pursuit of excellence informed by tradition. Proficio embodies the pinnacle of quality and expression found on the Antinori Napa Valley estate, produced by the steepest and rockiest south-west oriented mountainside vineyards on the property.

Crafted predominantly from Cabernet Sauvignon and complemented by a significant portion of Cabernet Franc, the blend changes slightly each year depending on the variables of the vintage. The addition of Cabernet Franc yields a special allure to the wine, elevating the aromatics and augmenting the complexity of the blend while contributing a supple texture and fresh acidity. The result is an expressively perfumed wine, with an intense concentration balanced by a profound finesse.

Proficio was first produced in the 2019 vintage, the culmination of thirty-three years of studying the Atlas Peak mountain slopes to unveil their full potential. Many improvements over the years contributed to the creation of this wine, fostered by a drive to continually innovate in both the vineyards and winery. In 2009, large sections of the vineyards were replanted in accordance with the most up-to-date viticultural science. New clonal selections better suited to the mountain landscape, tighter vine spacing to reduce yield and create greater concentration in the fruit, and changes in vine row orientation and trellising all contributed to new levels of expressive character and quality derived from the Antinori Napa Valley vineyards.

A new fermentation cellar, located inside the cave network, was designed specifically to accommodate the intricacies of mountain winemaking. Completed in 2018, the cellar exclusively features diminutive four-ton capacity fermentation tanks, which allow each minute hillside parcel to be picked at optimum ripeness and fermented separately to preserve the identity of each individual site. The extraction process is carefully controlled with the use of a device that gently submerges the cap of skins, preventing overextraction of robust mountain tannins yielded from small, thick-skinned berries – quite unusual for the production of Cabernet Sauvignon but perfect for the special character of Antinori Napa Valley mountain fruit.

Proficio is an exemplar of refinement and a profound manifestation of this place, expressing the fundamental essence of a structured yet elegant Atlas Peak mountain wine.

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