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Unlocking Hidden Potential

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Great wine, by definition, embodies the essence of a superlative site. From the first time Marchese Piero Antinori ventured miles up a winding road into the mountains of Napa Valley and saw the magnificent expanse of undulating landscape unfolding below him, he knew this place had incredible potential. The rugged terrain, perched 1,600 feet above the Napa Valley floor, reminded him of his home in Chianti Classico.

The estate rests within a hidden valley high up in the Vaca Mountain Range, in the southeast corner of Napa Valley. The mountainside sites are perfectly situated to create complex, multi-layered Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc wines of elegance and poise. These vineyards, planted directly on the steep Atlas Peak slopes, rest upon of an ideal southwest-facing gradient of weathered volcanic rock, bathing them in direct sunlight throughout the growing season. At this elevation the vineyards sit above the fog line, while the cooling influence of the high elevation combines with a fresh air current coming off the San Francisco Bay to create a long, slow ripening of the grapes. The lower benchlands of the property are impeccably positioned to create complex and perfumed Chardonnay. This combination of elements shapes wines of elegance and nuance, reflective of their foundation and capable of extended cellaring.

“I found myself on the twisting road in an isolated area, with a semi-hidden and almost virgin valley spread before me. Exploration of new land must be guided by the proper combination of intuition and preparation, passion, and curiosity. Often these encounters are guided by fate or sudden inspiration. On that estate a few miles from the Pacific, I saw something. The arid landscape of rolling hills had all the signs of a strong vocation for growing grapevines. The rocky soil on the slope formed a natural amphitheater; the altitude and the cool breeze of the ocean reminded me of home. The light, however, was different, the horizon broader and sharper.

– Marchese Piero Antinori

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