Wine Cave at Antinori Napa Valley

Authenticity and Identity

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The aim of Antinori Napa Valley is to express the authentic signature of the estate’s mountain vineyard sites, clinging to the slopes of Atlas Peak high above the Napa Valley floor. While vineyards were planted as early as the 1890s in what is now the Atlas Peak AVA, phylloxera and Prohibition in essence ended viticulture there for years. It subsequently took decades of effort to understand how to match grape varieties, clones, rootstock, and farming techniques to the numerous variations of soil type, topography, microclimate, aspect, and elevation of the property.

Proficio wine by Antinori Napa Valley
Townsend wine by Antinori Napa Valley
A 26 wine by Antinori Napa Valley

Accurately interpreting the temperament of each site and the resulting style of wine that can be produced there takes time and keen observation, so as not to impose one’s own will and silence the essence of the land. The process is ongoing, each year building upon our previous knowledge and experiences to reveal the full potential of our estate, as the Antinori family has done for centuries.

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