Tradition and Innovation

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Antinori Napa Valley is a landmark achievement for the Antinori Family, whose winemaking legacy spans over six centuries. Applying their Old-World heritage and knowledge to unlock the highest potential of this mountain estate, the family has created New-World wines of finesse and refinement.

The Antinori Napa Valley estate was born from the dream of Marchese Piero Antinori to create a sublime expression of Napa Valley mountain winemaking after his first visit to the region in the 1960s. After many years, his dream began to take shape with the acquisition of a 1,200-acre property composed of rugged, high-elevation terrain in a remote corner of the Vaca Mountain range, the finest parcels of which he transformed into immaculate vineyards over the following years.

“Wine and vintners must respect the rhythm of nature. You plant a vineyard today and the first results that are really positive will come after six, seven, ten years, you never know. These are things that happen slowly over time and centuries but that show that we too feel it in our DNA. Passion, patience, persistency.”

– Marchese Piero Antinori

The family views its role as that of steward to this esteemed site, drawing upon centuries of winemaking experience in Italy to cultivate the essence of an iconic Napa Valley estate to its highest potential. Even with this deep knowledge, this unique mountain landscape has required years of study and oenological research, and still represents an on-going pursuit to craft the best expression of these wines.

The Antinori philosophy is exemplified by the iconic Latin phrase found on its historic family crest: “Te Duce Proficio,” which translates to “Following your guide, I flourish.” These three words honor the legacy and deep tradition of the family, while serving as the driving force behind the family’s quest for excellence for generations to come.

gold line